About this class

Doodling isn’t just for passing time while taking notes in school. Brandi Kincaid will show you how to use your doodles to add fun and flair to your projects! She’ll get you started with the basics of doodling, which tools to use, how to overcome obstacles along the way, and more. Learn how to record your memories in a unique way by using doodles to tell your story.

classroom lessons
8 lessons

Pick up a pen and follow along as Brandi breaks down the basics of doodling.

classroom length
2 hours

It'll take you about two hours to watch the videos and read the text, but you'll need to spend time practicing to really get your doodle on.

classroom pacing

Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available when you purchase, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

What Comes With This Class?

  • Tools needed for doodling
  • Basics of doodling, including three step-by-step examples
  • Overcoming obstacles and doubts when doodling
  • The art of using doodles to tell a story
  • Adding color to your doodles
  • Using doodles in a variety of other projects

Who is this Class For?

Bullet journalers, creative explorers and anyone who ever doodled in the margins of their school notes.

Class Lessons

01 | Intro

Brandi starts off with an introduction to what you'll be learning in this class.

02 | Tools

Discover the options available for doodling by looking at the tools Brandi uses most.

03 | Basics

Brandi walks you through some some doodling basics to get you started.

04 | "I Can't Draw That!"

Explore a few ways to get around obstacles you may encounter while doodling.

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